Fun at the Neutral Ground/Puerto Rico relief 

I had a lot of fun at the Neutral Ground playing with my ol' friends Brandon Pembo and Jose Mora. I plan to share photos and video from the show soon. In the spirit of Christmas, I promised to donate my entire tip basket to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico (which is where Jose is from). I delivered on that promise this morning. Thanks to everyone who came out last night and contributed to this. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!


Throwback Thursday: Photos from 2002 show at Keystone Lounge 

Here are some photos from a full-band show I did 15 years ago this week at Keystone Lounge in Metairie, Louisiana. Funny side note to that night: I played a dirty song I wrote in front of my mom. (Awkward!)

And to prove this show was indeed in December, here's Brandon Pembo, my bassist, rocking a Santa hat that night.

Facebook Live Show Postponed 

So I have to postpone the Facebook Live show I was planning to do next week. I want the quality to be halfway decent and unfortunately had to send some gear off to be repaired. I'll try again after the holidays.

Throwback Thursday: Some old fliers 

Back before there was social media (maybe MySpace was around, I forget) and when they still had these things called record stores (great places...God, I miss them!), I used to spend hours and hours traveling around the New Orleans area distributing fliers to my shows. It was real work, but it was also kind of fun and exciting. Here are a few of those old fliers (I believe they're all from either 2003 or 2004).