July 2 at the Neutral Ground

Hi, everyone! 

I'll be back in New Orleans at the Neutral Ground Coffee House on Monday, July 2nd at 8 p.m. I hope to see you there. 

A couple of things that will be a little different about this show: 

1. Jordan Pembo (the daughter of my old bassist and good friend Brandon Pembo) will be playing starting at 7 p.m. So get there early for her! She's very talented and well on her way to doing some great things in music. 

2. I'm playing all requests! Maybe you've come to one of my shows and I didn't play a song you hoped to here. Not this time (time permitting, of course)! I'll even do some covers (preferably ones you've heard me do before), but you're going to have to request those by email or on social media in the next couple of days so I can have time to practice them. (The only exception to this request rule is that song with all the profanities I used to sing back in the day. You know the one! It has been retired. Sorry!) 

The Neutral Ground is located at 5110 Daneel St. in Uptown. Come on out! 

You rock! 
Ryan Chatelain

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