New Video: 'Life on Mars'

I plan on posting lyric videos for all the songs on the album, rolling one out every 2-3 weeks or so. The album won't be out for another three weeks, but the first video is out now. It's for a song called "Life on Mars," which is the first track that appears on "The Shoestring Sessions" and ironically the last song I wrote and recorded for it.

"The Shoestring Sessions" is available now for presale at iTunes. You can download "Life of Mars" immediately upon purchase. The full album will be released on Dec. 11.

I wrote this song really deep into the recording process. As a songwriting exercise, to help force my brain to think in a different direction, I tried using a random-word generator on the internet to see if it could spark any ideas. I didn't dare commit to using the first word that popped up because that would be crazy. What if it gave me "muffins"? I can't write a cool song about muffins! Anyway, I just ran it a number of times until I found a word that I thought I could work with. Eventually, "Mars" popped up. Ooooh! Now we're talking! 

There are actually all these people who have already volunteered to settle Mars. They'd have to leave their lives on Earth behind to do so. And I got to thinking about the type of person who might offer to do something so adventurous yet bonkers. And I thought at least some of these people have to be looking for ways to run away from their problems.  

So "Life on Mars" is about a guy who wants to escape a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship yet cannot bring himself to do it. The only way to make it stick is to put about 53 million miles between them. 

And I don't care what you say, the footage in the video is totally what Mars looks like! :)

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