Throwback Thursday: 'All I Know' live at Tipitina's

So I have a recording of a show I did at the world-famous Tipitina's in New Orleans back in 2002. It includes at least four songs that I have since retired. I mean, I didn't just stop playing them live; I stopped playing them entirely, to the point where I don't know the lyrics or chords anymore. If it weren't for this recording, I would have almost no memory of these songs.

I know I had my reasons for retiring these songs, although all these years later, I can't really say what they were (although it's safe to say I didn't think it was my best work). I thought it'd be fun to share one of those songs here. It's called "All I Know."

What do you think? Should I bring it out of retirement? And if so, do you want to help me figure out what chords I was playing? 

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