'Sad Song' lyric video

Here is the last installment of the lyric videos from “The Shoestring Sessions.” This one is for “Sad Song.” While it is undoubtedly a sad song itself, it is meant to be more of a tribute to sad songs. 


Lyric video for 'My Luck'

Here's the lyric video for "My Luck."

Also, I feel obligated to say that I'm actually very happy at my current job.

Lyric Video: 'One Step From the Asylum'

I've got another lyric video for you -- "One Step From the Asylum." I won't go into detail, but part of this song is actually based on a true story. 


Lyric video: 'Such a Wreck'

Here's the lyric video for "Such a Wreck." This is one of the oldest songs on the new album. (Either this one or "Shotgun" is the oldest. They were both written before "Public School" was even released.) I'm glad I…


Lyric video for 'Life on Mars'

As I mentioned when "The Shoestring Sessions" was reissued, I planned to circle back to the lyric videos that I had previously released and re-post them with the new and improved audio on them. We're now at that stage. Here's…


Lyric video: 'New Beginnings'

Here's the lyric video for "New Beginnings," a song about how terrifying it can be to turn the page. 

Lyric video: 'Shotgun'

Another Thursday, another lyric video for you. This one is for "Shotgun." It's about a guy secretly in love with his best friend's girl. It's sort of my own "Jessie's Girl," if you will.




Lyric video: 'Static'

Here's the lyric video for "Static."

A few tidbits on this song:

1. This is the only song I've recorded to date where you won't hear an acoustic guitar anywhere on it.

2. This is the only song I've ever…

'I Think I'd Understand' lyric video

I've got a new lyric video for you today. This is for "I Think I'd Understand," an older song that I rewrote some when recording the album.

'The Shoestring Sessions' reissued


“Could I start over again? 

I think I finally figured it out. 

Maybe a second chance is all we ever need.” 

--Ryan Chatelain, “New Beginnings” 


Yes, I quoted myself, and I know that’s really weird. But what I’m…

Album art

Since most people don't buy physical CDs these days (hey, I admittedly am one of them!), I thought I'd share the art we created here. 



Inside Left

Inside Right (Tray)


CD Face