Want to Sing on My New Album?

I’m finally making a new album, and I need your help! 

My vision for one of the songs is a chorus that sounds like a raucous barroom singalong. For this, I need many voices. That’s where you come in! 

I’m looking for 10-20 people to record themselves singing along. You can do it with your smartphone (although computers or other recording devices should be fine, too). I’ll just need you to email it to me when you’re done. Super easy! Think of it as the music equivalent to being an extra in an indie movie. 

You DON’T have to be a great singer. I actually prefer it if you’re not. Barroom singalongs don’t sound like Broadway productions, right? We actually want it to sound a little messy, like a bunch of belligerent drunks at 2 a.m. 

I’m looking for mostly guys, but I’ll take one or two female voices. (Please don’t think I’m discriminating. Think of it more as casting for a part.) 

So what’s in it for you? Unfortunately, I can’t pay you. But if I use your contribution, I will include your name in the album credits and give you a free digital download of the album when it’s released. 

Interested? Please email me at ryan@ryanchatelain.com and I’ll tell you more.