Lyric video: 'Static'

Here's the lyric video for "Static."

A few tidbits on this song:

1. This is the only song I've recorded to date where you won't hear an acoustic guitar anywhere on it.

2. This is the only song I've ever…

'I Think I'd Understand' lyric video

I've got a new lyric video for you today. This is for "I Think I'd Understand," an older song that I rewrote some when recording the album.

'The Shoestring Sessions' reissued


“Could I start over again? 

I think I finally figured it out. 

Maybe a second chance is all we ever need.” 

--Ryan Chatelain, “New Beginnings” 


Yes, I quoted myself, and I know that’s really weird. But what I’m…

Album art

Since most people don't buy physical CDs these days (hey, I admittedly am one of them!), I thought I'd share the art we created here. 



Inside Left

Inside Right (Tray)


CD Face


The Album Is Out

It's release day!

"The Shoestring Sessions" is available NOW on all your major download services -- iTunes, Amazon, Google, YouTube Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc., etc., etc. If you want the physical CD, you can buy it right here at

I Made a New Album!

I have some exciting news!  

On December 11, I will be releasing a new album. It’s called “The Shoestring Sessions.” 

I’ve been working on this album most of this year — and in many ways, I’ve been working on it…


Show Announcement: Cranford Porchfest 10/10/20

Porchfests are apparently my new thing. I actually think they're a really cool idea. People offer up their front porches as stages and welcome musical acts throughout the day. Cranford, N.J. does a great Porchfest, and I'm excited to be…


Porchfest Pushed Back to Sunday

A quick update: The Roselle Park Porchfest is being pushed back to Sunday due to rain in the forecast. Everything else about the schedule is still the same. I'll be playing at 4:30 p.m. in front of the library.


Show Announcement: Roselle Park Porchfest

What's this? A real in-person gig in 2020?

I'll be playing Saturday, Aug. 29 at 4:30 p.m. in front of the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library in my hometown of Roselle Park, New Jersey. It's part of the Roselle Park…


Want to Sing on My New Album?

I’m finally making a new album, and I need your help! 

My vision for one of the songs is a chorus that sounds like a raucous barroom singalong. For this, I need many voices. That’s where you come in! 



Livestream Show!

Hi all, 

I can't leave my house right now, and most of you probably can't, either. But I think we should hang out anyway. 

I'll be playing a show tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 14) on Facebook Live. It starts at…


It's Been a While

So if you look at the date of the previous entry, you'll see that I've neglected this blog. While I make no promises to post here daily or weekly or whatever, I'll try to do a better of job of…