Thank you, Roselle Parks Arts Festival

Here's a pic (taken by wife, Kristy May) from my performance at the Roselle Park Arts Festival on Saturday. Was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who are so creative and passionate about their art. 


Throwback Thursday: Recording of 'Crazy' at Neutral Ground

Here's a live recording of my song "Crazy" from an April 2010 show at the Neutral Ground Coffee House in New Orleans. You know it's authentic because you can hear dishes clanking around. Oh, the life of a coffeehouse performer!

Show announcement: 9/23 at Roselle Park Arts Festival

I'm excited to be participating at the Roselle Park Arts Festival on Saturday, Sept. 23 in my new hometown of Roselle Park, New Jersey. I'll be playing from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in front of the Casano Community Center (314…

Throwback Thursday: Photo from Howlin' Wolf

I totally forgot about doing my weekly Throwback Thursday post last week! It won't happen again. (That's not true. Chances are extremely good it will happen again.)

Anyway, I remembered this week. Here's a photo from a full-band show…


Sadly, tonight's Neutral Ground show is canceled

Man, promoting a show is hard enough. It certainly doesn't help when the mayor of the city where the show is being held goes on TV and urges everyone to stay home that day. But sadly, with New Orleans getting…

Show Announcement: 8/29 at Neutral Ground in NOLA

So I'll be returning to my old stompin' grounds, the Neutral Ground Coffee House in New Orleans, on Tuesday Aug. 29. I go on at 8 p.m. Hope to see some of my New Orleans friends there!