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It’s not the years that pass us by
There’s more to life than that
And just when did we decide,
That our dreams were no longer worth chasing after at?
Where did I lose my innocence?
And should I trace my tracks?
I would give my life, my soul, my everything
If I could get it back

And sometimes I pray
That I will find my way
Back to who I used to be
If you see him, let him know
That I miss the boy
I miss the boy I used to be

When did I lose my smile, my laugh, my energy?
I just can’t make sense
I would trade all I’ve ever owned
If I could find my confidence
And the years has changed me
I’m sad to say
I wish that I could turn back time

Why do we ever change?
That’s an answer I will never find
He had such a way, such an innocence
If you see him, let him know