1. White Knight
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You can never live in my world
I’m not what you always dream of
And I don’t fit some fantasy
Or what you’ve always looked for in love
And you can never look in my eyes
‘Cause I’m not what you’d expect
And you talk about love and you talk about dreams
As you lie to yourself

And I’m not what you want
But I am what you need
Until your dying day
Maybe I’m the white knight that’s meant to take you away
And we talk about things that we don’t understand
And places that we’d like to go
And maybe I’m the hero that you’ll never know

I am no one to you
No one that matters tonight
You’ve been burned by all that you wanted
For all of your life
You can never look in my eyes
Afraid for what you might see
And you’re hell-bent and broken and searching for hope
But not because of me

Open your eyes
Open your mind
‘Cause I’m falling apart when I can’t fall asleep
Sticking to promises that I can’t keep
Looking for answers that are nowhere around
Searching for you as I slowly fall down